Our Story


We’re Bharat and Ajay. Two friends and Co-founders of Hill Station Coffee.

As LA based Indian-American entrepreneurs and passionate coffee fans who have lived in specialty coffee hubs like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York, we wondered why Indian Coffee has been missing from the specialty coffee movement in the United States. 

In spite of eagerly seeking the rich, earthy, complex coffee our ancestors drank on the menu of every cafe we frequented, we kept coming up empty.

We decided it was time to become the change we wanted to see and address the gap. This is how the idea for Hill Station Coffee was born.

In formulating our unique  product, we felt inspired  to evoke the spirit of India's legendary beautiful "hill stations" -  scenic vacation spots which have been melting pots and meeting grounds of rustic, pure, simplicity and sophisticated elegance . Hill stations are typically getaways and oases of natural relaxation and breathtaking scenery, offering wafting inviting smells of coffee and tea plantations, fruit orchards, flower gardens and spice farms all  infused with uniquely intoxicating flavors contributed by the subcontinent's varieties of weather ,wind and soil. 

We started with identifying, sourcing and importing the freshest, single origin Indian Monsoon Malabar Arabica coffee from the hilly slopes of family owned plantations in South India. Every batch of beans is meticulously nurtured and grown, quality checked, picked and chosen with exacting standards to ensure highest grade output.

  Then we upped the game.

To show the world how deliciously invigorating the Specialty Indian coffee experience can be, we patiently and painstakingly worked with seasoned coffee professionals to blend our imported Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee with select Indian hill station spices to achieve a flavor unlike anything on the market. 

We blended delicious spices such as rose, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric in specific combinations over several iterations into our "Ooty" and "Shimla" coffee blends until we came up with the two final formulas that we are so proud to share with you.

We packaged our coffee in a convenient single-serve pour over sachet, so every time you are ready to savor our coffee all you have to do is open, set up as directed on your mug, and slowly pour hot water over it and enjoy a steaming fresh gourmet coffee like no other.

Each box of Hill Station Coffee features five sachets each of our Shimla and Ooty blends. That's ten cups waiting to be tasted and enjoyed. 

So that's our story - from concept to creation, field to kitchen .

We hope you love our carefully crafted coffee and find each sip of Hill Station Coffee an ultimate peak experience as we intend it to be.

See you at the mountain top!

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