Uniquely Indian and Accidentally Magical: The History Of Monsoon Malabar Coffee

The first batch of Monsoon Malabar Arabica beans was unintentionally created when a shipment delay due to a particularly strong Indian monsoon season along the Malabar coast exposed a consignment of Arabica beans heading to their destination in Europe to winds and hints of moisture from rain showers.

By the time they arrived, the beans had swollen up through absorbing the elements on the voyage, turned golden yellow, and morphed into an unexpected end-product that was novel, tantalizingly mellow, smooth and mildly chocolatey.

Word got around about this new coffee phenomenon. A huge demand then led to coffee growers in India simulating the monsooning process on their coastal plantations to achieve the same 'accidental' taste. Thus, was born Monsoon Malabar and its dizzying ascent to popularity among delighted coffee connoisseurs.

Every box of Hill Station Coffee contains the intriguing aroma of the original Monsoon Malabar beans. The formula stays true to its mystical beginnings while appealing to the modern brew afficionado.

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