Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your Coffee Based?

  • Our beans come from a single origin farm in Madikeri, Karnataka, India.  

What is Monsoon Malabar Coffee?

  • Monsoon Malabar Arabica beans are exposed to the howling winds of the Malabar coast for several months, where the winds cause the beans to lose their acidity while also developing a complex flavor with notes of chocolate and spice. 

What is a Hill Station?

  • Hill Stations are high altitude towns unique to the Indian subcontinent. Many flourish with flora, fauna, produce, spices, teas, and coffee.

    Originally destinations for tourists and citizens alike to escape the sweltering summer heat, India's hill stations have also remained cultural centers that highlight local artisans and specialty flavors.

What's in the Shimla Blend?

  • We named our Rose, Cardamom, Coffee blend SHIMLA to recreate the blissful, soothing vibrations and breathtaking beauty and spirit of Shimla, one of the most popular Hill Stations in the North of India.
  • A favored summer destination, Shimla is a gorgeous hill station with rows of cool, misty emerald mountains about 200 miles north of India’s capital New Delhi. Towering trees of Pine, Deodar, Oak and Rhododendron dominate its landscape as much as its brightly colorful floral gardens brimming over with enormous fields of rose blooms and tulip blossoms vying for attention from visitors.

  • In recent years the areas in proximity to Shimla have begun cultivating coffee successfully and the presence of burgeoning cafes are a testament to the city’s deep attachment and fondness for the dark brew and its pride at having local cultivation in addition to the coffee it brings in from other places.

  • Soothing Rose petals offer a delicious taste, calming scent and subtle mood balance and the gentle energizing flavor of cardamom gives the perfect amount of positive lift for mind-body.

  • You’re ready to climb any mountain now!

What's in the Ooty Blend?

  • Ooty (Ootacamund) is ancient pristine landscape of jade-tinged green slopes nestled among the Nilgiri mountains. It is famed for the rare Kurinji flower that blooms once in twelve years. Ooty has vast fertile forests bursting with fragrant Pine, Eucalyptus and other lush sub tropical vegetation, fruit and flowers of every size and shape, shimmering turquoise lakes, rippling streams and cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife including tigers and elephants.  
  • With a long and rich tradition of cultivated tea and coffee plantation culture, Ooty symbolizes the best of taste to the most discerning refined palate delivered in an astoundingly beautiful setting. This is exactly the high benchmark we  attempted to achieve with our special Ooty blend.

  • Turmeric : Every atom of this aromatic golden spice is pure goodness for the mind, body and soul

  • Ginger: Purifying, invigorating  ginger packs a punch and zing to the blend

  • Cinnamon: Enhances with a warm delicious familiar flavor to add the right amount of oomph.